Smart IT-solutions - fitting your procurement processes

eProcurement - IT solutions for efficient purchasing processes

DCCS has the experience and the know-how to support you optimally in the implementation of your internal and cross-company processes. Our expertise is focused on supply chain management and product life cycle management. Our references range from e-procurement applications to applications for procurement processes and vendor evaluation systems as well as to contracting tools.

Ralph Schmieder


Electronic Procurement: strategy, planning, controlling – More efficient due to electronic awarding of contracts

Bundling requests of various suppliers, and processing them workflow-controlled until commissioning, brings benefits in efficiency and transparency. Your suppliers access your e-Contracting tool via the supplier portal, get the provided contracting documents and submit their offer electronically. All further editing of the offers is done with the tool. With the help of the tool you are always able to view and comprehend the status of a call and the awarding of contracts. While implementing your contracting tool, we take into consideration many individually defined factors. The three most important solution elements are the definition of the supplier selection set, the contracting documentation and the change management of the contract awarding documents (versioning).

  • Transparent and comprehensible awarding of contracts
  • Efficiency in handling processes
  • Future-proof digitalisation of procurement processes
  • Change management of contract awarding documents

Supply Chain Management

Supplier rating and supplier risk management

The strategic decision for a specific supplier is based on facts, ratings, credit rating and other individual factors. Together with you, we can elaborate these factors and condense the assessments of rating agencies and the assessments of your internal specialist division into your individual supplier auditing system. Our IT-solution provides you with a uniform database, and enables you to timely detect possible problems in the supply chain. Based on these values, you get a total rating as a base for comparison, in order to take measures for maintaining an uninterrupted supply chain.
With a balance scorecard display of supplier rating you can compare your suppliers easily and clearly structured. Together with you, we can define the criteria and emphasis. Frequently used criteria are costs, quality, timeliness, logistics, error rate or technological factors. This is the basis for out IT-Solution. Our solutions are characterised by the global data storage in a business warehouse and by a clear and structured design. Consulting, design and implementation enable a solution that is easy to operate and that delivers conclusive values.

  • React promptly to risks
  • Future-proof solution with great usability
  • Integration in existing BI-portals
  • Useful aggregation of determined risk factors
  • Risk assessment based on uniform data base
  • Navigation through procurement divisions, supplier and production sites


Perform and manage audits transparently and efficiently

The number of certificates and required proofs increases in all branches – so does the number of audits. A tailor-made digital auditing solution, that handles the entire auditing process, brings transparency and efficiency. Auditing is a complex process, extending from planning all the way to the documentation of taken measures. Our IT-solution handles the entire process and makes assessments and measures clear and comprehensive. Together with you we can work out audit types, rating scale and reporting and you can easily adapt all of it in the IT-solution. According to your requirements, the application is multilingual and enables the auditor to document the audit even offline.

  • Brings transparency to the audit process
  • Comprehensive assessments tasks and measures
  • Offers a high level of usability and editing safety
  • Documents can be created offline