A portal can do more than a website

We find an appropriate portal for every requirement

Providing a relatively static content online can be achieved by using a simple website. However, if you need to provide dynamic and target group oriented content, a portal represents the best solution. A portal is also the optimal solution for a central entry point for employees, customers or suppliers, and also for having your business processes displayed or for connecting different systems.

Ronald Bürscher

Employee portals

Using the right portal brings you a step ahead

Experience counts, and it makes us think bigger. A portal with a few links is finished fast. A proper integration however, needs more know-how. We incorporate our boundary conditions and make suggestions for the optimisation of the base, so you can have more possibilities for higher performance and easier work in your portal. We also advise and provide assistance for additional topics like collaboration platforms, so your colleagues can work together much faster and much more consistent.

  • Manufacturer-independent consulting
  • User friendly operation with Single Sign On
  • Integration of adjoining systems and implementation of interfaces
  • The centre of daily work

Customer and supplier portals

Benefit from integrating your customers / suppliers

Modern extranet solutions provide all your partners with the individually required information and applications – safe and transparent. Use all the possibilities of a modern portal and collaboration platform, in order to strengthen the bond to your business partners and customers, and to ensure an efficient collaboration, for example in mutual project environments. The new customer portal extends your communication possibilities by a service platform, that will bring you closer to your customer and it provides your customer with the right information and services at the right time – since it is the customer who decides when and which information and services will be needed and used.

  • Information find the receiver on their own
  • Service offers provide assistance to your customers' autonomy
  • Integration of systems and services
  • Safe, stabile, transparent and sustainable solutions
  • Portal-know-how and technological know-how

Digital construction files

Our branch specific portal – Solution for construction projects

Digital project files allow for a constant and an all over 360-degree view of the document, contact and project management. Through the construction file portal, you can access all relevant information and documents concerning the construction site, directly from your office and also “on the go”, that way you have a 360-degree overview of your projects. No matter what device you use (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, blackberry, …) you access the same system every time, with the same functions and you have the same look and feel you are used to. The administration of construction projects is optimised, and your collaboration with the customer and subcontractors is made easy.

  • Documentation and collaboration in construction projects
  • 360-degree overview over the projects, suppliers, customers, partners, contracts and many more
  • Administration of machines and tools, recording of working hours, administration of tasks and appointments
  • Clear and manageable analysis of projects, costs, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Integration in Microsoft work environment and peripheral systems like ERP, Procurement…