Our IT-security solutions improve your business continuity

IT-security measures, which will save you from a loss

An adequate IT-security is one of the pillars of a lasting business continuity. We offer consulting and together with you we design the latest state of the art solutions. IT-security is highly business relevant and therefore a great responsibility that the management has to accept and maintain a constant focus on its upkeep. Which management could ignore this?

Thomas Schmidler

Technical IT-Security measures

Security technology, state of the art

The central aspects in the technical conception of tailor-made security solutions are regular audits, consulting and finding a solution together.
- In security audits, we are already examining the IT security of our customers in detail at the beginning of a project and then optimising the appropriate security solution.
-UTM firewall solutions ensure an extensive protection for your IT-systems and applications by using IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), Antispam, Spyware, Antivirus and Web Filter.
-E-mail security solutions ensure the protection of your E-mail traffic. They protect from spam mails, offer antivirus protection for incoming and outgoing E-mail traffic, and also secure the mobile web access to your mails (Mobile Access, WebAccess).
-VPN solutions enable access to your company network with maximum security.
-Antivirus solutions protect your infrastructure from viruses.
-OpenDNS solutions offer DNS security as the first line of defence. They prevent access to potentially risky sites without locally installed software, by solving the addresses on the Internet.

We offer long term customer support in the It-security sector as well. With our up-to-date know-how and experience, we are able take over the maintenance of your solutions. We provide proactive monitoring and reporting with individually defined Service Level Agreements.

  • Consulting, auditing and proactive monitoring
  • State of the art solutions
  • Improving the business continuity
  • Service level agreements