Services, adapted to your needs and requirements

Future-proof infrastructure solutions

The improvement of your IT-security, the perfecting of your Wi-Fi and network availability, the optimisation of your virtualisation and the regular monitoring of your systems are tasks, in which we are glad to support you, with all the benefits of our know-how and experience. The IT-components trade, installation and configuration, as well as constant maintenance within the SLA scope, complete our service offer.

Ronald Bürscher

WLAN and network technology

This way you have optimal conditions, everywhere!

Mobile terminal devices define the modern business world more and more. You need a network, that is adapted to your requirements in order to work optimally everywhere in your company. Our WLAN solution offers a scalable, highly stable and professional WIFI network, compliant to your usage behaviour and highly performant even with high numbers of users. It also meets the industrial standards having high security, availability, scalability and upgradeability, and it can be installed on several locations of your company. With this solution you can change rooms without connection loss, and you are able to provide separate networks for guests, production and administration if required. The Single Controller Mode and the Fall-back Function simplify the network maintenance and administration.

  • Stable, strong performance of the WLAN, even with high number of accessing users
  • NO connection loss upon change of rooms
  • Meets highest standards in availability and security
  • Simple administration


Our IT-security solutions improve your business continuity IT-security concepts, which will save you from a loss

IT-security has high business relevance, and it is a great responsibility, that must be taken by the management, with a constant focus on its upkeep. An adequate IT-security is one of the pillars of lasting business continuity. We offer consulting and together with you we design up-to-date solutions. What management could ignore this?

  • Consulting, audits and proactive monitoring
  • Improvement of the business continuity
  • Service Level Agreements


Virtualisation solutions, bringing benefits in performance and efficiency

In order for the virtualisation solutions to fulfil the expectations, they must be well thought out and competently maintained. We provide our expertise and experience in the planning and maintenance of your virtualisation solution on the vmWare and HyperV platforms. Together with our partners Lenovo, Cisco and Microsoft, we enable not only the implementation, upgrade and modification of your virtual environment, but also the planning and implementation of your cloud based solutions. The virtual solutions reduce your computer centre, use lab environments, provide server operation faster and simplify the exchange of hardware components. The availability of your IT is improved and error correction or Disaster Recovery is simplified.

  • Well thought out solutions
  • We bring experience and up to date know-how into the creation process
  • Administration and scaling with low effort
  • Cost saving and higher availability thanks to appropriate virtualisation

Soft- and Hardware

IT-equipment from renowned producers

High-performance, reliable and upgradeable hardware is a foundation of your future-proof IT. We provide consulting and assistance in the selection of the individually suitable components and in the integration of new devices, as well as maintenance throughout their entire life cycle. Long-lasting experience with renowned manufacturers ensure quality, continuity and security. By focusing on few suppliers it is easier to expand the existing know-how and gain new in the relevant education process.

Finding the suitable licencing model in the countless possible licencing programmes, contributes significantly to the utilisation of cost saving potentials in the IT. Our experience and know-how in diverse licencing requirements enables us to find the suitable licencing form for you. This way you are optimally prepared for possible licence inspections by software producers. With our licencing experience we support our customers in the education, government and business sector, even with the solution of sensitive tasks. Our consulting makes choosing the right licencing form possible, be it a standard licence for local installations, or cloud licences (Office 365).

  • Partners of renowned producers
  • Certified employees in tech and sales department
  • Long-lasting experience
  • Flexible and reliable