Individual IT solutions meet your needs best.

Future-proof solutions that strengthen your processes

For us, custom-made means that we adapt to you and your needs. We work with you to determine the requirements your IT solution must meet, which processes are to be displayed and what expectations you have of your solution. Understanding the processes and needs of our customers is the most important requirement for the creation of high-quality individual software solutions. Developing a common understanding of problem-solving and the optimal solution is the basic requirement for implementing a tailor-made IT system suitable for your company.

Ronald Bürscher

Modernise Legacy software - replace old systems?

Low-risk and calculable modern systems

Modernising or re-developing is a question that arises with older software. The aim of a modernisation project is to successfully use the technical possibilities of today. With the DCCS approach, modernisation projects can be implemented quickly and create the precondition for further digital innovation initiatives. Your risk associated with modernisation is calculable and you design your modern IT architecture with little effort.
In modernisation projects, we know from experience how important the analysis of existing systems is. To raise new requirements and to consider new processes are further tasks, which are essential for the success of the project. To modernize or re-develop a value-adding core system is always a business-critical project. We accompany our customers in finding the right way to choose the right solution and to implement it successfully. Systems, where it is useful to develop further and where it is necessary to modernize and / or re-develop, is one of the core competences of the DCCS. Our approach distinguishes between renovating, integrating and opening, modulate replacement, and application portfolio management. Building on this, we find the right path for every requirement.

  • Calculable financial and personnel expenses
  • Low-risk agile project
  • Quick introduction of up-to-date solution
  • Modern architecture, user-friendly menu navigation
  • Securely available on mobile devices