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QA optimisation with digital audits

Using our web application (with full offline functionality), an entire auditing and measure management process is digitally mapped end to end


Customer portal

A modern, service-oriented, mobile functionality customer portal for customers of Merkur Insurance


Personnel deployment planning

We assumed responsibility for the support, functional development and technical modernisation of a personnel deployment planning application


Digital Experience Platform

From a website to a system-spanning and personalised digital experience platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world and offers content and services in several languages


Mobile optimised B2B web solution

This solution optimised for the use on mobile end-user devices convinced the B2B partners of Holter with interactivity and simplicity


Professional social services in the digital age

A digital administration and documentation system for a client support process makes procedures secure, transparent and efficient

Toyota Frey

Even faster access to your dream Toyota

A modern web application enables dealers to provide fast, accurate and mobile delivery information for new vehicles by using existing data from IBM AS/400-based systems


Tariff calculator

The company's most important consumer interface was implemented with a modern, flexible and intuitive application